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Options for Optimizing Parking Efficiency and Security

Now is a great time to maximize efficiency and upgrade outdated systems to save money and demonstrate efficiency on all levels. When considering taking the step toward becoming more efficient, a great place to start is parking areas. Lighting this space may account for up to one third of your power bill. These lights are normally on for long periods of time in order to provide security and comfort of the users.

Why waste money on inefficiency? There is a variety of efficient options available which are more cost effective and produce great quality of light. Additionally, with available rebates combined with lower energy and maintenance costs, the ROI on each of these fixtures will be quick. The options below have proven to offer better illumination and to generate energy cost savings.

Induction Lighting:

  • Surface or Ceiling mounted Canopy / Gas Station Lighting options ideal for Parking Garages.
  • Wall Pack options for stairwells and around parking garage.
  • Shoebox (pole mounted) fixture options for parking lots, and for safety/area lighting.
  • Retrofit options, are also available to meet your lighting needs. Remember the top level of the deck typically has pole lighting.
  • Induction lighting had a long history of providing quality light and a long life while lowering energy consumption by 50% or more over metal halide and high-pressure sodium options.  Induction lamps have Instant ignition time, 60,000 to 100,000 hour lamp life, 65 to 85 lumens per watt, 2700 to 6500 color temperatures available, stable light output, and minimal heat generation. These too may qualify for rebates and most come with great warranties.  Custom dimmable fixtures are also available.


  • Recessed or Surface mounted lighting is ideal for Gas Station or Parking Garage lighting. Some companies offer specific “LED Parking Structure Lighting” which serves to create energy efficient parking garages. These fixtures are designed to give more uniform light output than the HID fixtures they typically replace.
  • LED Wall Packs are popular and competitively priced, ideal for security lighting around parking garages, and open stairwells.
  • Area and some Street Lighting is ideal for parking lot / area lighting.
  • LEDs have a rated life of 50,000-100,000 hours; LEDs are instant start, and 60 to 90 watts per lumen. Some of these options can also be retrofitted to match current fixtures, due to continuing price decreases and qualifying rebates customers are able to meet ROIs quickly.  Custom dimmable products are also available.


  • Fluorescent fixtures are normally dust and moisture resistant which make them ideal for harsh environments where humidity and moisture are present.
  • Fluorescents come in T5 and T8 options and are able to support up to 6 lamps to meet your lighting demands.  These fixtures offer an instant ignition start, a life span is between 20,000 and 30,000 hours, offer 80 to 100 lumens per watt, and have lower average maintenance cost than the metal halide and high pressure sodium replacements. Some may qualify for rebates.  Fluorescent options are also available for Stairwells with built-in ultrasonic occupancy sensors to maintain minimum required light levels.

Whitehead has successfully been a part of installs of every fixture type above.  Any of these options should prove to be the “right” solution for you. Please contact one of our experienced professionals to help you choose the best option and help calculate the ROI for your lighting Project.