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Implementation and Optimization of Efficient Restaurant Lighting

Lighting creates the ambiance in restaurants, sets the pace, and complements the vision of the company. Lights are constantly on in a restaurant, which leads to significant energy consumption. Yet through the implementation of energy efficient lighting, restaurants can, on average, cut lighting costs in half. As a result of implementing energy efficient lighting a quick ROI can be realized as well. ROI is met through a reduction in maintenance costs and increased lumens per watt. With changes in lighting technology over the last decade, most efficient lighting can nearly mimic the color quality created by incandescent lamps to fit any application and achieve the goals of the user.

It is time to stop leaking money profit from energy efficient lighting. Furthermore, it is also time to take advantage of the generous rebates that are currently available to help supplement the cost of the conversion. A few weeks ago, our blog EISA Act of 2007: Be Efficient, discussed the energy efficient options and the benefits available to replace incandescent lamps. As a reminder, the alternatives are fluorescent lights, compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), Light Emitting Diodes (LED), and newer halogen lamps. All of these options will decrease energy costs and can meet any requirement. These options are available in most sizes, shapes, colors, and color temperatures; most have incredible dimming and instant start capabilities. In addition, there are often retrofit options available to minimize the initial investment cost; however, doing a full conversion using rebates may be more cost effective overall.

Recently Whitehead Energy Solutions worked with its partners to plan and design lighting solutions which were implemented in Smith & Wollensky Restaurant’s newest restaurant at the Boston Atlantic Wharf. By installing the recommended efficient lighting, they were able to significantly minimize energy consumption. CLICK HERE for more.

Whitehead Energy Solutions also aided in the implementation of cost saving light retrofits in a New York City Applebees. CLICK HERE for more.

Whitehead Energy has been an integral part of the installations of many energy efficient lighting projects. These energy efficient options should prove to be the right solution for you. Please contact one of our experienced professionals to help you choose the best option and help calculate the ROI for your lighting Project.