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Parking Lot Lighting Retrofit Affords More Than $100,000 a Year in Energy and Maintenance Savings for Jones Lang LaSalle


Jones Lang LaSalle manages a 846,690 square-foot parking structure outside of Atlanta. The lighting fixtures in this structure have not been updated in a number of years. Nearly 1,400 100W metal halide canopy fixtures were burning in this parking deck all-day, every day. In addition to being an energy drain, the maintenance costs were significantly high.JLL_parking structure_outside night 1

Ian Hughes, Senior Vice President and Group Manager at Jones Lang LaSalle, explains, “We knew this was a homerun. The lighting had not been addressed in so long it became a no-brainer. Changing it would save energy. What we were not expecting was the outstanding solution we actually received, which far exceeded our expectations and made this not just a home run but a grand slam.”

Stacy Shirley, Chief Engineer at the 133 Peachtree Street facility, agrees, “Sustainability and continuous improvement are part of our building management goals, and one of the commitments that, I believe, sets us apart. We are always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of our managed properties and this was a great example of something simple, but so far-reaching in its results.”


In the second quarter of 2011, Hughes and Shirley requested proposals from several companies. They needed information on several different lighting options, including light emitting diode (LED), induction lighting, and T5 solutions.JLL_parking structure_roof

“Right away, we were able to see the potential energy savings we were looking for,” explains Shirley. “Whitehead Energy Solutions and E. Sam Jones offered the best all-around solution.”

Hughes offered, what impressed them more was the introduction of dimming and control solutions that could augment the energy savings and provide greater flexibility without compromising on safety.

“We try to approach all of our projects this way,” confirms Jim Colantoni, sales at Whitehead Energy Solutions.

“We were given the tasks of reducing their energy consumption and retrofitting their lighting solution. It would be an incomplete solution without looking at all of the different ways they could save money inside the project.”

Michelle Finley at E. Sam Jones echoes that statement. “I think it’s also important not just to provide a product but to correctly apply the industry expertise that goes along with it. This project mighJLL_parking structure_deck opent seem to be simply a parking garage but there were other factors in play, namely security.”

“This is, after-all a parking structure,” said Hughes. “At first it did not occur to us to be able to make use of day lighting or controls but we were able to find a work-able solution that deepened the cost savings for us and we are very pleased with the results.”

Work began in the fall and was completed over six to eight weeks. In the end, 1,381 new 55W induction canopy fixtures were installed, nearly 80 percent of which are motion controlled. The remaining always-on fixtures are on the bottom level near walk-ways and in every part of the garage experiencing foot traffic such as elevator bays.

The result was a significantly more efficient use of lighting without compromising safety. The approximate energy savings per year is over $98,000 and Jones Lang LaSalle believes it will save an additional $36,000 a year in maintenance costs.

With the cost of the project partially paid for by the Georgia Clean Energy Property Tax Credit and the company subject to a Federal Income Tax deduction, the return on investment is projected to be less than two years.

“We couldn’t be happier with the results. It’s also worth noting that this facility is being considered for the Silver LEED certification. This project occurred after the certification process but it just proJLL_parking structure_stairwellves that there is always room for continuous improvement. We are always going to be committed to doing what’s responsible,” said Hughes. “It’s good business.”

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