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Lime Fresh Mexican Grill: Where the Food is Hot and Spicy but the Lighting is Cool, Casual, and Long Lasting


Famous for its signature blend of fresh, mouth-watering Mexican dishes, dynamic ambiance, stylized interiors, and scrupulous service, Lime Fresh Mexican Grill was originally conceived in 2004 by CEO and Founder, John Kunkel, to complement the vibrant and food-conscious culture of South Beach. Today it is a Florida-based fast-casual Mexican restaurant owned by 50 Eggs Restaurant Group with more than 20 locations mostly along the East Coast.

Some of the newer restaurants were built with LED (light-emitting diodes) lighting that allows the facilities to enjoy a casual aesthetic, less maintenance, and unprecedented energy efficiency.Lime Fresh Mexican Grill_counter and seating close up

Max Piet, Vice President of Operations at Lime, agrees and says the lighting was a big part of the restaurant design, “Part of our branding concept is that we are fun, fresh, environmentally friendly, and responsible. It is very important that the food, the atmosphere, the employees –everything – be representative of those ideals.


“When building the new restaurants we felt strongly that we could achieve a high level of energy and maintenance savings by using LEDs and we’re excited to find some that met all of our needs, down to every concern; for example, the ceilings are very high in our new restaurants. Not only did we find lighting fixtures that looked good in the space, but the lifecycle and reduced need for maintenance means I don’t have to have anyone up on a ladder trying to change those bulbs.”

Piet’s newer Lime locations will be outfitted with the same solution – with more on the way. “We couldn’t find one weakness with using LED technology at our locations – only benefits,” he says.

LED lighting has come a long way over the last few years. Traditionally, the technology was seen as more energy efficient than aesthetically beautiful – previously rendering it a weak solution in hospitality, restaurant, or retail solutions.

New technology and advancements in color and dimming technologies among other attributes have advanced LEDs into mainstream design options.

“It truly can’t be said enough, this technology is unbeatable when it comes to meeting the needs of a restaurant or hospitality situation, particularly when there is a branding and comfort need involved,” said Richard Greene, National Account Sales Manager at Whitehead Energy Solutions, a division of Whitehead & Associates.

Greene explains, “LEDs are now ready for primetime when it comes to restaurant lighting. In all types of restaurant applications, new lighting technology means owners and managers have less cost and fewer maintenance issues without sacrificing comfort or style. There is no longer a reason to wait – the cost savings and beauty are available and easy to implement.”Lime Fresh Mexican Grill_kitchen

The average kWh light load reduction afforded by the Lime Fresh retrofit was over 80% per location. And, just like in other restaurant locations installed by Whitehead Energy Solutions, the LED products generate much lower heat output and are expected to save on air conditioning costs while offering the same low-level of maintenance required.

Each location is completely outfitted with sustainable lighting, including more than 50 fixtures featuring Janmar Series 824 two-lamp and 825 three-lamp LED Logic5™ multiple recessed adjustable PAR16 sized LED fixtures, as well as matching 4-inch 793 LED  PAR16 Logic5™ adjustable directional LED fixtures.

On average, LED solutions can provide up to 50,000 hours of service. Coupled with the performance and the decreased need for maintenance services, LEDs are now attractive, both literally and figuratively, in restaurant applications.

About Lime Fresh Mexican Grill

Florida-based Lime Fresh Mexican grill is owned by 50 Eggs Restaurant Group and serves Mexican-style cuisine using only the freshest ingredients and charbroils on grills in an exhibition-style kitchen. All locations feature a signature homemade salsa bar and 50 variations of hot sauces. Guests have the option of whole wheat, multi-grain or low-carb items, and everything on the menu has 0 Trans-fat. There are 25 locations and counting mainly along the East Coast. For more information visit www.limefreshmexicangrill.com