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Brundidge Alabama Utilizes Efficient LED Lighting Solution with the Help of Whitehead & Associates

The city of Brundidge is the second-largest city in Pike County, Alabama, and has a population of nearly 2,500. Brundidge was once a major producer of peanut butter and holds an annual Peanut Butter Festival in October. The city boasts a large number of antique stores in its historic downtown area.

Whitehead & Associates partnered with a consulting engineer to complete an energy efficient LED lighting retrofit for the city of Brundidge. The project included 104 fixtures and is expected to save the city approximately City of Brundidge AL_before&after$6,100 each year, over a 12-year period. With the help of US Department of Energy funds via the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and administered by the Energy Division of ADECA, Brundidge secured energy efficient lighting retrofits designed to save money and improve street light coordination.

The retrofit is expected to increase the lifecycle of these lights by more than 10 years and will reduce ongoing maintenance costs. Further, and the energy savings extends through the entire life of the equipment returning the cost of the initial investment in less than five years.

The project was initiated by Consulting Engineer David St. John who said, “The cost and availability of well designed and tested LED fixtures made this project a practical consideration. I’ve worked successfully with Whitehead for many years and together we found fixtures that offered a sufficient light pattern at a cost that gave us a full return on investment in 4.5 years. A primary concern with spending municipal funds is getting the most for taxpayers’ money in a long-term solution. We expect to get more than our money’s worth with this investment.”

Whitehead’s Utility Lighting group focuses on lighting design, specifications, and product consultation.  In the case of Brundidge, they helped source the LED lighting fixtures. Whitehead has worked on lighting retrofit City of Brundidge AL_before&after 2projects with numerous cities to upgrade parking lots, decorative lighting, street lighting, and more.

The previous 250- and 400-watt high-pressure sodium fixtures in Brundidge were mostly replaced by LED cobrahead light fixtures, which utilize 30% less energy and offer a more uniform light pattern.

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