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Whitehead Companies

Whitehead Two Divisions. One Set of Principles.

Although our organization is certainly more than just the sum of its parts, we’re proud of how each division offers tailored, high-quality electrical solutions and value to our clients.

Whitehead & Associates – Electric Utility Division

The Transmission and Distribution Group within the Whitehead & Associates division is a utility-focused team offering a combination of products and services to clients within the electrical industry. This group concentrates specifically on electrical utility transmission, substation, distribution, and lighting applications. Our seasoned experts provide a full range of related solutions and products for the utility marketplace.

The second group within Whitehead & Associates is the Utility Lighting Group. The group focuses on lighting design, specifications, and product consultation. The team concentrates 100 percent of their time serving electric utilities and their lighting needs.

Whitehead Energy Solutions – Commercial & Industrial Electrical Division

The first of the three groups of Whitehead Energy Solutions, the Commercial & Industrial Group, primarily focuses on the electrical distribution market in the Southeast. Working alongside our distribution partners, the group works on projects and services of all sizes. They serve the end-use clients in the commercial and industrial markets providing lighting, connectors, transformers, twist-lock cables, and much more.

The National Accounts Group is the second of three, which provides lighting solutions for multi-facility locations distributed nationally within the hospitality, retail, and food and beverage industries, as well as multi-site industrial manufacturers. Starbucks, Marriott, and Simon Mall Properties are examples of high-profile clients proudly included in the Whitehead Energy Solutions portfolio. Energy-efficient electrical solutions are the foundation for this division, which delivers turnkey energy-saving solutions, as well as the most advanced and efficient lighting products and controls for distributors, commercial contractors, and end-users spanning a range of industries.

The third group within Whitehead Energy Solutions is the Power Users Group, which focuses on large clients that require expertise in power quality, high reliability electric systems and maintain campus style environments. Key customers for this group include data centers, college and military campuses, industrials, and the like.