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Our Team

Our priority? Our People.

Our electrical products and services are excellent, but our team and clients are what make Whitehead the success that it is today. Since the day our doors opened in 1968, we have prioritized people above all else. From every vantage point, Whitehead takes care of team members by encouraging well-rounded, fulfilling careers and work-life balance. In particular, wellness and community service programs inspire team members to work toward and achieve personal health and wellness goals. In fact, Whitehead has been named as one of Atlanta’s “Best Places to Work”, as well as “Top 10 Healthiest Employers”.

In turn, Whitehead employees look out for the company as a whole, each other and the needs of every single client. Our energetic staff is comprised of hand-picked professionals who thrive in a creative, morally-rich environment. As a result, customers reap the benefits of experts who possess the knowledge, ethics, and integrity to make each project a success.

Our group of sales professionals is made up of unparalleled electrical product experts who endeavor to become an integral part of each client’s supply chain, helping manufacturers and customers achieve maximum profit and satisfaction. Each team member enjoys learning about new innovations and passing those advancements on to clients for implementation. In a constantly moving and changing industry, education is an ongoing process that we not only encourage, but completely embrace.