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Toll Free: 1.800.730.4453

Mission, Vision, and Values

The Whitehead way of doing business is simple, yet time-honored: exceed expectations through strong, moral work ethic, while always keeping the needs of our clients and employees at the forefront.


At Whitehead, we support and develop our clients businesses by delivering custom electrical solutions and services based on our industry knowledge, expertise and experience.


From start to finish and beyond, our customers appreciate seamless attention from our team of unparalleled professionals. We aim to consistently turn out results that indisputably reinforce our reputation as a leader in the industry. In support of that, our Vision Statement is simple: To be the premier value added electrical solutions company known for being the right people, doing the right things, the right way.


  • We are guided by the biblical principles of hard work, integrity, respect, humility, compassion, grace and friendship.
  • We are committed to providing unique solutions, building capabilities, innovation and helping to grow your organization.
  • We provide a place for people to work, provide for their families, develop and implement ideas and grow as individuals.
  • We continue to grow and develop team members with good moral and ethical character.
  • We seek out long-term relationships, rather than short-term sales prospects.
  • We believe in the stewardship of the next generation, and we seek to be involved in the development and encouragement in their lives.
  • We believe in our employees, we seek to give them the ability to be innovative and focus on target markets which they feel they can be successful.